Difficulty: Easy

This plane is said to glide very well indoors, but flying outside fails.We hope you like it! Site found:
1. Fold a normal piece of paper in half, as shown.
floafor1.gif Dig 1

2. Fold the bottom left side to look like the picture and repeat the process on the other side to give you a small flap hanging over, as shown in DIG3.


3. Now valley fold the overhanging flap so that the new crease created lies in unison with the crease made in Step 2.

floafor4.gifDIG. 4

4. Then turn the plane over and bring the bottom up so that if a ruler were placed to one obtuse point to the other, the bottom point would touch it.

floafor5.gifDIG. 5

5. Crease again along the middle line and then fold along the dotted lines in DIG. 6. It is important that the folds at the ends of the wing are folded downwards so you get a plane as at the top of the page otherwise the plane flies upside down.

floafor6.gifDIG. 6
Here's the outcome:


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