This page is here to give you a tour of the Database's content. The Database provides a safe, social environment that Wikidot users can come to in order to find free instructions for origami. There is five categories of difficulty, and we make it easy to find them. To add origami, type in the name of the piece you did not make under Add Origami in the side bar. If you invented your own piece with your own pictures, go to Database under the side bar and add it there. We will discuss the side bar and the top bar.

The Discussion Forums are there so that you can talk with the other members of this site. They are there to ask questions, too.

The side bar gives an easy navigation throughout the site, so that you don't have to go through a lot of trouble just trying to get to a page. Here are some stuff about the side bar-

  • The Index button is the place where all of the origami pieces that you took pictures from other sites are. If you make pictures yourself with your own instructions, and the piece is a piece you invented, it goes to the Database.
  • The Origami category is an organized version of the index. There are different categories for different kinds of pieces.
  • Under Membership, the pages for your membership are located. Join Our Website is so you can join! We encourage you to do so if you are interested in origami. The Site members shows the members of the Origami Community.
  • Everything below that is for a broader navigation.
  • The Add Origami is where you enter your origami page, unless you made your own invented piece.
  • Adding a new page is for either an invented piece, or a page that isn't instructions for origami, like this page.


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