Stellated Icosahedron

Difficulty: Moderate

This piece of origami may be time consuming, but very fun to make and assemble! 30 units are needed for this modular piece of origami. Site found: and Here is a detailed video on how to make it:

Unit Instructions

1. Fold a square piece of paper in half horizontally .

2. Fold the sides to the crease made in Step 1.

3. Open one flap, and fold the bottom right corner to the crease made in Step 2.

4. Fold the right side of the small triangle made in Step 3 to the crease made in Step 2.
5. Re crease the horizontal fold so the edge is back in the middle.

6. Flip the paper 180oand repeat steps 3-5 on the other side.

7. Flip the paper on its side, and fold the right edge to the top to make a point.

8. Flip the paper 180o, and repeat Step 7.

9. You should have a parallelogram.

10. Now, unfold one point and tuck it into the flap above it.

11. Repeat Step 10 on the other flap.

12. The parallelogram should be locked.

13. Turn the piece over and fold the bottom point up to the other point on the same side so that when you do the same thing on the other side, you make a square with two triangular flaps.

14. Turn the unit over again, and fold in half diagonally so that the flaps aren't folded as well. The completed Unit.

Make 30 of these.


Take two units and slide the first one's flap into the bottom pocket.
It should look like this:
Take a third unit and do the same thing, but insert the flap of the first unit into the third unit as well. Observe the pictures.
Here's a completed point:
Continue to add units to the point in the same way. Watch the video for a clearer look at the rest of the assembly.
The completed Stellated Icosahedron.

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